Hong Kong Work Permit (GEP / ASMTP) Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Main Applicant: 

1. 2 years relevant working experience or academic qualification related to the employing Hong Kong company's field of business, and opening position. Which applicant must hold bachelor degree or above. Or, 5 years relevant working experience or academic qualification related to the employing Hong Kong company's field of business, and opening position. Which applicant is holding a junior college degree or certification. 

2. Before the application, the applicant must own a Hong Kong company or has been employed by a Hong Kong company.  

3. The line of work should be related to applicant'e academic qualifications or previous work experiences. 

4. The job vacancy can not be readily taken up by local work force.

Hong Kong’ Employing Company:
1) Established for more than 12 months; 2) The annual tax on turnover reach HK$1,000,000 and shall not be loss for nearly one year; 3) Continuously paying MPF for at least 3 employees for 6 months.


  • Cat Zeng Senior Consultant
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    I am Cat from Globevisa Hong Kong. With years of experience in Immigration Industry, I am sure that I can assist you on all immigration issues. If you have any inquiries on "Skilled Worker Immigration", "Immigration by Investment", "Passport & Citizenship

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    I provide practical solutions from immigration, overseas study and wealth management.

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    I offer suitable advice to my clients by understanding their needs and goals.

  • Kana Luo Immigration Consultant
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    I have 5+ years of experience in immigration, visas and others, praised by my clients over the years.

  • Hannah Wu Immigration Consultant
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    Over 12 years of experiences in immigration industry. Specialized in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe. Serving over 500 high-ended clients all over the world.

  • Elvis Tsang Immigration Consultant
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    Over 8 years financial and tax working experience in China and overseas. To solve your immigration difficulties with my professional knowledge.

Hong Kong Work Permit (GEP / ASMTP) Time Frame

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Our Company Advantages of Hong Kong Work Permit (GEP / ASMTP)

  1. Ample Experience
    With many years of experience in document preparation, Globevisa has helped a large number of clients obtain the Hong Kong immigration status successfully.
  2. High-quality Services
    Globevisa professional teams provide considerate services and customized plans for clients, enabling clients to immigrate with delight.
  3. Triple Reviews
    In Globevisa, triple reviews are conducted to each case by program manager, program director and legal team respectively, guaranteeing the high success rate of application
  4. Frequent Communication with Officers
    Due to the close relationship with the immigration departemnt, Globevisa can always get the latest news about immigration from the government directly.

Value -Added Service

We also offer considerate follow-up services, such as application for renewal, permanent residence and family reunification.

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