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Unique Features- USA EB-2 National Interest Wavier
Residence Visa
  • 1. Talent-oriented, two scoring factors only

    2. Similar to EB-1A, with fewer talent requirements

    3. No career requirements

    4. No requirements on age and language

    5. Obtain family one-stop Permanent Resident status

    6. No jobs restrictions after landing

  • Assets Criteria No Requirements
  • Immigration Time Frame 5-6 Years
  • Project Feature Easy talent requirements
Application Eligibility Criteria

>  Master degree or above 

>  Degree holder also accepted, with related working experience of 10 years or above

>  Instead of satisfying 3 items of criteria in EB-1A, EB-2 only require any 1 of the 10 items


[Satisfy any 1 of the 9 items of criteria, in the field of career]

>  National or international individual award holder 

>  Member of national remarkable association

>  Individual interviewee by global media

>  Judge or reviewer at national events

>  Original contribution to the industry, such as copyright for writer or patent for scientist

>  5 or more publication of field-related paper or books 

>  National or international exhibition holder

>  High position in known organizations in the industry

>  Very high annual income from the field of career

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Program Fees & Charges
  • Service Fee:*Varies;
  • Investment Fee:N/A;
  • Other Fee:*Varies;
(the above cost is for reference only. The cost of the case application is subject to the actual amount of the third party agencies.)
Application process- USA EB-2 National Interest Wavier
Contract signing
Prepration period
Form-I140 submission
Submit application
Obtain PR
5-6 Years To Obtain Status
Customize Your Immigration Plan
Let our professional immigration consultants set up your personal immigration plan according to your eligibility
GLOBEVISA- Skilled Worker Immigration
  • Australia
    190 Skilled Nominated Visa Immigration Time Frame:14-24 Months
    Feature:One-stop Permanent Visa
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  • Australia
    189 Skilled Independent Visa Immigration Time Frame:12-18 Months
    Feature:One-stop Permanent Visa
    Free Brochures
  • Australia
    Australia Skilled Occupation Assesment Immigration Time Frame:2 Months
    Feature:Skilled Occupation Assesment
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    Quebec Skilled Worker Program Immigration Time Frame:2-3 Years
    Feature:French Speaker -Easy Criteria
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Time Frame:8-18 Months
    Feature:Canada PR with no job restrictions
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    International Student Immigration Immigration Time Frame:9-18 Months
    Feature:From Graduation to Immigration
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    Self-Employed Persons Immigration Time Frame:About 25 Months
    Feature:No age restrictions Canada PR
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    Canadian Experience Class Immigration Time Frame:8-14 Months
    Feature:PR with no education requirements
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Immigration Time Frame:1.5years
    Feature:From Federal ICT to PR
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  • Canada
    Saskatchewan Skilled Worker: Employment Offer Immigration Time Frame:2years
    Feature:Have the Most Quotas available among all Saskatchewan Immigration Programmes
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  • Germany
    Job Seeker Visa Immigration Time Frame:1 Week - 1 Month
    Feature:European Work Visa with no job offers
    Free Brochures
  • Hong Kong
    General Employment Policy Immigration Time Frame:1-3 Months
    Feature:Speed immigration to Hong Konng
    Free Brochures
  • Hong Kong
    Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Immigration Time Frame:9-12 Months
    Feature:Easiest achievement requirements
    Free Brochures
  • New Zealand
    Skilled Migrant Visa Immigration Time Frame:9-19 Months
    Feature:Access to Residence Visa
    Free Brochures
  • New Zealand
    Skilled Category Residence Visa Immigration Time Frame:3-4 Months
    Feature:Move up from Job Search Visa
    Free Brochures
  • United States
    EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Immigration Time Frame:6-12 Months
    Feature:Wide talent-career range PR
    Free Brochures
  • United States
    EB-2 National Interest Wavier Immigration Time Frame:5-6 Years
    Feature:Easy talent requirements
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Success Cases
WHY GLOBEVISA-USA EB-2 National Interest Wavier
  • High Market Share

    GLOBEVISA dominates over 35% of global immigration industry share

  • Remarkable Success Rate

    GLOBEVISA stands at 97% successful rate in all available programs

  • Industry Leader

    Reserved quotas and award-winning document preparation efficiency and accuracy

  • Qualified Lawyer Team

    Provide legal advice and insights on up-coming & potential policy updates

  • Large Scale Project Crew

    Provide local support and maintain close relationship with local government and officials

  • Headquarters Winnie Ng Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:852 59448727 Whatsapp:852 59448727 Office number:+852 2819 2703 Wechat ID:globevisa907

    Having worked in the immigration industry dealing with clients from all over the world, Winnie ensures to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and enthusiastic assistance.

  • Headquarters Angelica Gamlanga Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:(852)512 39 824 Whatsapp:(+63)9451669386 Office number:(852)2819 2718 Wechat ID:GLOBEVISA356

    I am Angelica, a determined and properly trained Immigration consultant who envisions to help individuals to achieve their dreams settling down to their desired places and in all immigration aspects.

  • Headquarters Hannah Ma Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:(852) 9018 8676 Whatsapp:(852) 9018 8676 Office number:852-2819 2788 Wechat ID:Hannahbo

    Over 10 years of experiences in immigration industry. Specialized in Passport, Investment & Asset Management field. Serving over 500 high-ended clients all over the world. We can ensure to deliver the best service for you.

  • Headquarters Ronald Du Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 6391 0817 Whatsapp:+852 6391 0817 Office number:+852 28192718 Wechat ID:globevisa787

    Spent over 4 years in Canada in immigration and finance, I am the GLOBEVISA specialized consultant on asset management & citizenship planning. Send me some basic info, and let me work out your immigration plan.

  • Headquarters Tam Nguyen General Manager Vietnam
    Status:Online Tel:+84 902 236 693 Whatsapp:+84 902 236 693 Office number:+84 0902 236 693 Wechat ID:globevisa129

    Over 5 years of expertise in international trade and business practice, able to speak fluently three languages; Vietnamese, English, German. Will provide the best immigration program for you with professionalism.


GLOBEVISA Vancouver Branch is located in the most populated city in Canada - Barney. The local crew provides comprehensive migration solutions tailored to your needs and assist your settlement to enjoy the quality life, and superior education system.

  • TEL:+1(604)2000115
  • ADD: Metrotower II, Room 2638,Suite 2600, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4N2
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