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Hong Kong Postgraduate Program - From IELTs 5.5 or above


The client is interested in pursuing higher education in Hong Kong, With a relatively low English Language test result, Academic IELTS 5.5 on average.


Brief Facts: 

Client consulted another agency offers a low consulting fee which suggested him to first complete a diploma before entering a Postgraduate program due to the under qualifying English test score. Client later found out, by finishing a year of diploma program, it does not guarantee an acceptance on his ideal postgraduate program.


Our Approach: 

Our consultant re- assesses his eligibility and education background, suggested client to pick another major discipline in another QS Top 100 institution in Hong Kong – City University. And client learn about GLOBEVISA’s refund policy to prevent being fooled once again, and was amazed by the max number of application submissions our service charge included (8 Max).



With the minimum processing time of 4 months, during which GLOBEVISA submitted only 1 application was received an offer on the first attempt. And his visa application and interview with the immigration officer was flawless, as he has studied all the interview questions & attended all 10 lessons of interview tutorial provided by GLOBEVISA.


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