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Unique Features- Renunciation of Canadian PR Card
Reunification of Canada PR Card
  • Advantage:

    1. Avoidance of Double Taxation

    Suitable For People: 

    1. Who will become a government official in a foreign country.

    2.Who intend to obtain citizenship or permanent resident status in other countries, and the country requires the person to renounce permanent resident status in Canada. 

    3. Who do not wish to live permanently in Canada. 

    4. Who have departed from Canada for too long time, and does not meet the minimum stay requirements. 

  • Assets Criteria N/A
  • Immigration Time Frame Approximately 1-2months
  • Project Feature Renunciation of Canada PR Status
Application Eligibility Criteria

1.  The Applicant must have the citizenship or permanent residency of another country in order to voluntarily give up the permanent resident status in Canada. 
For applicants who are under the age of 18, a written consent from the guardian will be required. 

2. The application to renounce the permanent residency will not affect the family members of the applicant unless they have also submit the application to renounce their PR status. If the applicant has a family class immigration application that is still under trial, it will be suspended immediately, and the application for to renounce the Canadian PR status will be approved and the application fee will not be refunded.

3. Once the Immigration Department of Canada have received the application to renounce the PR status, the applicant will lose all his/her rights to enjoy the social welfare in Canada. Also, after the applicant has renounced his/her PR status, he/she is not allowed to apply for the Canadian citizenship. 

4. The status of applicants who have submitted the application to renounce the PR status during his/her stay in Canada will be converted to a visitor visa. The maximum length of stay will be 6 months. If the person would like to apply for an extension, he/she will needs to receive an approval from the immigration department. While waiting for the approval, he/she is not allowed to study or work in Canada. 

5. If the applicant is submitting her/his application abroad, he/she must apply for a visitor visa before his/her visit to Canada. 

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Program Fees & Charges
  • Service Fee:USD 3660;
  • Investment Fee:N/A;
  • Other Fee:USD 80;
(the above cost is for reference only. The cost of the case application is subject to the actual amount of the third party agencies.)
Application process- Renunciation of Canadian PR Card
Fill in the Forms
Document Preparation
Submit the Application
Wait for Approval
Goodbye Canada
Approximately 1-2months To Obtain Status
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GLOBEVISA- Cross Borders Services
  • Canada
    Renunciation of Canadian PR Card Immigration Time Frame:Approximately 1-2months
    Feature:Renunciation of Canada PR Status
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  • Canada
    Canada Citizenship Immigration Time Frame:10-15months
    Feature:Canada Citizenship
    Free Brochures
  • Canada
    Canada Birth-Giving Medical Visa Immigration Time Frame:2 Months
    Feature:The Child will be Entitled to a Canadian Citizenship
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  • Canada
    Canada Family Sponsorship Immigration Program Immigration Time Frame:10-12months
    Feature:Family Immigration
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  • China
    Foreigner Work Permit (Long-term) Immigration Time Frame:1-2 Months
    Feature:Multi-entry Work Permit
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  • China
    Foreigner Work Permit (Short-term) Immigration Time Frame:About 1 month
    Feature:90 Days foreign working experience
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  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Vaccinations Immigration Time Frame:.
    Feature:Safe and Reliable Vaccinations
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  • Hungary
    Hungary PR Renewalk For Investors Immigration Time Frame:1-2Months
    Feature:Hungary PR Renewal for Investors
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  • Hungary
    Hungary PR Card Renewal Immigration Time Frame:1-2Months
    Feature:Hungary PR Card Renewal
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  • Malta
    National Long-Stay Visa(D) Immigration Time Frame:1-3 Months
    Feature:Suitable for MRVP Applicants
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  • Other
    Schengen Visa Immigration Time Frame:2-5 Weeks
    Feature:One Visa for 26 countries
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  • United States
    Birth-Giving Medical Visa Immigration Time Frame:2-3 Weeks
    Feature:One-stop citizenship for new born
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  • United States
    Getting Married in Las Vegas Immigration Time Frame:2-3weeks
    Feature:Convenience and Easy Customization
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  • United States
    Re-Entry Permit Immigration Time Frame:3-5 Months
    Feature:Re-Entry Permit for U.S Permanent Residents
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  • United States
    US Immigrant Visa Interview Preparation Immigration Time Frame:At Least 3 Times
    Feature:Immigrant Visa Interview Preparation
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  • United States
    U.S. B-1/B-2 Visa Immigration Time Frame:Around 1 Month
    Feature:Business and Tourist Visa
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  • United States
    U.S. F1/F2 Visa Immigration Time Frame:Around 1 Month
    Feature:Student Visa& Accompanying Visa
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  • United States
    U.S. J-1 Visa Immigration Time Frame:Around 1 Month
    Feature:Exchange Visitor Visa
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Success Cases
WHY GLOBEVISA-Renunciation of Canadian PR Card
  • High Market Share

    Reserved quotas and award-winning document preparation efficiency and accuracy

  • Remarkable Success Rate

    Provide legal advice and insights on up-coming & potential policy updates

  • Industry Leader

    All rounded services, from landing accompany, onsite inspection, school visits and aftersales guidance and etc.

  • Qualified Lawyer Team

    GLOBEVISA dominates over 35% of global immigration industry share

  • Large Scale Project Crew

    GLOBEVISA stands at 97% successful rate in all available programs

  • Headquarters Neha Bhandari Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 6813 2954 Whatsapp:+852 6813 2954 Office number:+852 2819 2703 Wechat ID:globevisa892

    Having lived/worked in the immigration industry in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Neha is able to understand the immigration needs of a diverse group of people.She has a consistent and exceptionally high success rate.

  • GLOBEVISA INDIA Abhishek Gopal Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+910008000501430 Whatsapp:+910008000501430 Office number:+910008000501430 Wechat ID:globevisa826

    Abhishek has a wealth of immigration knowledge and experience relating to residence permits, work permit,PR & citizenship planning. Over the last 5 years, he has helped hundreds of families in successfully migrating overseas.

  • Headquarters Winnie Ng Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:852 59448727 Whatsapp:852 59448727 Office number:+852 2819 2703 Wechat ID:globevisa907

    Having worked in the immigration industry dealing with clients from all over the world, Winnie ensures to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and enthusiastic assistance.

  • Headquarters Angelica Gamlanga Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:(852)512 39 824 Whatsapp:(+63)9451669386 Office number:(852)2819 2718 Wechat ID:GLOBEVISA356

    I am Angelica, a determined and properly trained Immigration consultant who envisions to help individuals to achieve their dreams settling down to their desired places and in all immigration aspects.

  • Headquarters Hannah Ma Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:(852) 9018 8676 Whatsapp:(852) 9018 8676 Office number:852-2819 2788 Wechat ID:Hannahbo

    Over 10 years of experiences in immigration industry. Specialized in Passport, Investment & Asset Management field. Serving over 500 high-ended clients all over the world. We can ensure to deliver the best service for you.

  • Headquarters Ronald Du Senior Consultant
    Status:Online Tel:+852 6391 0817 Whatsapp:+852 6391 0817 Office number:+852 28192718 Wechat ID:globevisa787

    Spent over 4 years in Canada in immigration and finance, I am the GLOBEVISA specialized consultant on asset management & citizenship planning. Send me some basic info, and let me work out your immigration plan.

  • GLOBEVISA LONDON Annie Zhao General Manager
    Status:Online Tel:+447737360811 Whatsapp:+447737360811 Office number:+447737360811 Wechat ID:asda

    Proficient in British immigration law, with accountant experience, very knowledgeable about the UK education system. Rich bank account opening experience, study aboard and business investment experience.

  • Headquarters Tam Nguyen General Manager Vietnam
    Status:Online Tel:+84 902 236 693 Whatsapp:+84 902 236 693 Office number:+84 0902 236 693 Wechat ID:globevisa129

    Over 5 years of expertise in international trade and business practice, able to speak fluently three languages; Vietnamese, English, German. Will provide the best immigration program for you with professionalism.


GLOBEVISA Toronto Branch is located in the city of Markham – southern Ontario. With the longest history in China in operating the Canadian immigration programs, the Toronto office has the experience and resources to solve any immigration related problems.

  • TEL:+1(416) 800 7213
  • ADD: 3623 Highway 7 East, Unit 108, Markham, Ontario, Canada
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