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Ireland Investor Visa Program - Your Immigration Option with Minimum Asset Proof

[EU Citizenship] 6 Months to Ireland Permanent Residency - Ireland Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) Group Application

Ireland Immigration Investor Program IIP – Choose Your Agency Wisely

Ireland Investor Program Promotion: Group Contribution Offer of EUR 400,000 per investor!

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Ireland Investor Visa Program - Your Immigration Option with Minimum Asset Proof

It is known that immigration policy tightens up when the government receive exceeding amount of immigration applications, especially when they are trying to balance out the receiving income from immigrant & the opposing demands from the locals. Australia 188C Significant Investment Business Visa for example, 7 out of 10 applicants face tough due diligence on their source of fund and income explanation which could last for months.

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In this comparison, Ireland Investor program is certainly a more efficient way of obtain an immigration status and permanent residency. Its due diligence policy is much loser, unlike other major English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, United States and the UK.

Concerns on Assets Proof

For the Ireland Investor program, any properties which are held by applicant for over a year, will not be required to explain the assets source. The government is looking for proof of candidates have the financial ability and background to support themselves through the investment immigration program. Therefore, tax receipt and bank statements are optional, and can be substitute by other income proofs, like employment certificate and property sellout record.

Immigration Status

70% of Ireland Investor Visa Program candidates aims to immigrate to United Kingdom at end. Ireland visa holder will be granted with citizenship after 5 years. Then Ireland citizen may reside in UK for 5 years and obtain UK permanent residency. And granted UK citizenship by residing in UK for 1 year as a UK permanent resident.

"Would you rather spending months to be integrated like a criminal? Do you like the idea of spending your off hours to gather information on your assets from past 5, 10 years and write countless explanation letters to the immigration officers?"

Program Criteria

Ireland Investor Visa Program Requirement:

1.     To show proof of no criminal record

2.     Hold minimum asset of €2 million (legally obtained)

3.     Make a contributory investment of €500K

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