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Who is qualified for the Category A Foreigner Work permit?

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Who is qualified for the Category A Foreigner Work permit?

On March 31, 2018, Shanghai has issued the 100th Category A Foreigner Work Permit. The 100th success applicant is Simon Bart, the chairman of World Skills Organization, who is making great contribution for the 46th Shanghai World Skills Competition in 2021. What are the qualifications for the other category A success applicants? Who is qualified for it?

 16 apr china work permit

Last year, the State Bureau of Foreign Experts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the Measures for the Implementation of the Foreign Talent Visa System. Talent visa system has been improved largely, which will attract more foreigners to work in China.

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As one of the first pilot cities for Foreigner Work Permit, Shanghai officially implemented the foreign talent visa system on January 1, 2018. During the three-month implementation process, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security (Shanghai Municipal Foreign Experts Bureau) began to operate the system under straight guideline of the Chinese government. Currently, the foreign high-level talents are urgently needed for the development in Shanghai, therefore, strong talent and intellectual support have high chance for success application.


As of Apr 13, 2018, the 100 applicants are mainly from universities, research institutions and development center as listed below:

-3 applicants hold international recognized awards;

-1 applicant works in world famous orchestra group;

-13 applicants work as the director of Overseas Research Institute, National Institute and National Laboratory researchers;

-12 applicants are selected under the government appointed talent plan;

-20 applicants work as the professors in renown higher education institutions;

-2 applicants made publishes on international magazines;

-4 applicants work in the research department of the multinational corporations;

-45 applicants work as the senior manager in technology corporations.


If you find yourself hold similar qualification as the applicants above, contact GLOBEVISA for eligibility assessment. Other than the category A permit, we also operate China company registry and category B Foreign Work Permit applications, meaning you can expend your business and reside China at your choice.

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