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Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program Is Becoming More And More Popular Recently

Canada is a popular location for immigrants. According to the latest statistics from the Canadian Census in 2016, the number of immigrants accounts for 21.9% of all Canadians. The Federal Ministry of Immigration said that in 2017, Canadian immigrants had introduced a total of 65,415, of which Ontario and British Columbia were still the preferred places for immigrants. But there are also more and more new immigrants choosing other provinces. Canada has a total of 10 provinces and 3 special administrative regions. Many people who are interested in immigrating to Canada are distressed. In the end, it is the choice of a few popular provinces that follow the norm or choose to live in cities with low cost of living.

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It is noted that Saskatchewan is becoming more and more popular in recent years. More and more people applied for Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program. At present, the local area is mainly white. It has a good social atmosphere and is very friendly to immigrants.


The entrepreneurial environment is in Saskatchewan is favorable. Its flow of people is high. The degree of economic development and product diversification is high. The direction and choice of starting a business will be relatively more.


Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurship can be flexibly chosen. As it is a small city, there is no requirement for hiring employees. The local standard of living is also lower than that of Vancouver and Toronto. Saskatchewan is not only a big agricultural province, but also Canada’s largest mining and energy province. Its Uranium production ranks first in the world; Potash reserves account for two-thirds of the world's reserves (can be exploited for hundreds of years); Canada's second largest crude oil producing area; Canada's third largest natural gas producer.


If you want to live in a big city, you can also choose Saskatchewan as a transition. After all, Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program is now the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. After choosing Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program, although it is indeed impossible to go straight to Vancouver and Toronto, you can still transit to permanent residence later on. By living in Saskatchewan as a transition city, you can enjoy its low cost of living.


The number of immigrants in Saskatchewan for 2017 is 500, and the plan is to increase the number of quotas in 2018. At present, there are no taxes, corporate income tax, and language requirements for Saskatchewan immigrants. And there is no requirement for turnover and profit in the later period. The success rate of application for Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program is very high. Applicants are difficult to be rejected.

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