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Quebec New Policy Released - Affects on Skilled Worker Program

On 1st April, 2018, Mon project Quebec has wrongly issued quotas due to technical problem. Therefore, on 3rd April, 2018, the Ministere announced that as the intake period is not determined yet, the applications will be returned and the payment will be reimbursed.

 quebec canada quota announcement

The Quebec immigration department is strict on the application rules regulations and application time. Applications to programs before quota issue date is not accepted as well, including issues due to technical problem. The immigration department apologized for all inconvenience.


For applicants who have job offer in Quebec and applicants who have right to reside in Quebec, their application sent to Ministere will be accepted. This is due to the fact that there is no restricted time for them originally to submit application, and they don’t have to compete for quotas at issue time. Therefore, Quebec government’s announcement is understandable.


The immigration department emphasizes that according to their rules, the Quebec immigration department will issue no more than 5000 quotas before 15th August, 2018, with date of issue and number of times announced on the official website.

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