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Q&A on Work Visa Under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) And Canadian Intra Company Transfer (ICT)


1.     If you want to apply for a work visa, should you apply for SINP work visa or ICT visa?

    If you want to land Canada as soon as possible or want to go to big city, you should apply for ICT visa.

    If you are not anxious about starting a business in Canada and do not want to go to big city, and you hope to transfer to permanent residence in the later stage, then you should apply for SINP work visa.

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2.     You can transfer to permanent residence after applying for SINP work visa and ICT visa. What are the differences? 

    SINP: There are 3 stages involved in the immigration: Applying for work visa+ client start a business + applying for permanent residence. Since the client’s startup business cannot be completed by the client, the program is splitted into two stages.     Client who sign and want to transfer to permanent residence are fully supported and protected by the Immigration Act. As long as they meet the requirements, the success rate is 100% (transfer to permanent residence). ICT: The permanent residence is mainly based on the technical immigration and employer guarantee policies of various provinces in Canada. ICT and permanent residence are two separate programs. All provinces have different requirements. For example, Ontario requires three years of entrepreneurship, one million turnover and five employee; BC requires one year of entrepreneurship, five employee, and comprehensive assessment of applicant’s academic qualifications, management experience, and income.

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3.     With ICT visa, client can go directly to Vancouver and Toronto to start a business. With SINP work visa, client can only start a business in the local area. Which is better to start a business?

    ICT: The transfer to permanent residence depends on the technical immigration and employer guarantee policies of various provinces in Canada. The requirements for turnover, employment etc. are relatively complicated.


    SINP: Cost of starting local business, investment costs are lower than in other provinces, and does not have requirements on number of employees (except for Regina and Saskatoon). In addition to these two points, there is no other rigid requirements, therefore, the later stage of starting a business is easier under SINP.

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