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Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Immigration Interview Analysis/ Interview Questions

In the process of applying for Saskatchewan skilled worker, the provincial nomination was successfully transferred to a federal application. In addition to regular feeding and physical examinations, there is an another stage of Immigration process that is interview.

 immigration via saskatchewan skilled worker interview analysis

Situation for Interview:

1.      same-sex couples

2.      If Government raise question about applicant experience then need to be Clarify


It its important because it directly affects the success rate of your entire immigration process! However, at present, Saskatchewan skilled worker has already had an applicant who has passed the professional training of the Global Copywriter, passed the interview, and continued the case of normal trial.

 sask interview 26 mar

A.     what does the Saskatchewan skilled worker interview notice look like?


In the interview notification letter, the applicant will be notified, the interview location (Hong Kong), the interview time, the applicants who need to participated in the interview (only the main application or the main and second application will participate), and the interview materials and precautions.


B. what kind of materials are required for the Saskatchewan skilled worker interview? 


1. Interview notification letter; 

2. Provincial nominations and all federal application materials including supplementary materials; (sorted in chronological order in a folder, can be made to a directory for easy search) 

3. Other supporting materials; (if there is proof of work or relationship Other materials as a supplement can be submitted in person.) 


C. what is the interview process? 


Applicants need to make an appointment with the translation and arrive at the venue before the specified time 

- Security check 

- Call No. 

- Window interview


D. what are the interview questions?


Mainly involves personal brief information, education experience, work experience, immigration motivation and plan, and other information to understand, including funding sources, agent information, etc. Therefore, the applicant must be clear about the entire application. 


Before the client interview, the copywriter will arrange a very detailed interview counseling document for the client according to the actual situation of the client, from the dressing behavior of the interview to the overall situation of the case and to the future immigration planning. According to the feedback from interviewed applicants, the coverage of the problem in this document has reached more than 95%. Of course, the immigration officer will also raise some casual questions based on the applicant's circumstances, but the guarantee is based on the scope of the interview instruction .After the interview is completed, the interview results will be known within 1-2 months.


Interview Questions:


a.    Could you show me your and your family’s passport? (If there are any records indicates that you have been in Canada, you should know the details.

b.    Have you been to Canada before?

c.    When did you get married?

d.    Have your spouse change her name ever? According to financial documents you provided, you chose to use the statement of general account in GF securities as your settle funds. Can you explain where did you get the money and when it was saved and how long it or will it be saved?  What’s the plan for you to use the money?

e.    Please introduce your education history?

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