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Differences between BC Entrepreneur Program and BC PNP Skill Immigration Program


PNP stands for provincial nominee program, it is a fast track program for Canadian permanent residence. It allows Canadian provinces to nominate candidates who have a particular demanded skillset or anyone who meets criteria to immigrate to Canada. Many heard of the British Columbia Entrepreneur Program and have obtained work visa through the program, but most failed to realize the difficulty to immigrate as an entrepreneur. Therefore, the following article is to introduce an easier path to our readers, who has/ is going to set up a business in Canada, for obtaining their Canadian permanent residency with the BC PNP Skill Immigration Program.


BC Entrepreneur Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, entrepreneur immigration stream is difficult because the government has tough requirement on both personal eligibility and company performance. Like most immigration programs in Canada, the BC PNP entrepreneur immigration has a point grid, in this case multiple point grids. The Registration scoring for example have troubled many applicants, because one must meet the minimum scores in each section to enter the qualified pool for further selection. In the government published point grid Age, investment capital, number of employee, business location, commercial viability & Economic Benefits are taken into consideration. In simple words, you have to run your business successfully to have to chance to enter the selection pool.


A Better Solution

On the other hand, a start-up business CEO in British Columbia has a better chance obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency then the company owner. The British Columbia PNP Skills Immigration Program do not take into consideration on any company status or business performance. On the SIRS point grid – Skills Immigration Registration System, applicants are only required to provide documents on skill level, occupation, education back ground, Language ability and proof of stable income. And CEO/ upper management who runs the company in BC can certainly gain a better advantage on the above items, obtain a relatively high score.


The British Columbia Government make a selection every 2 week, and the average selection point is at 90 on SIRS. It is also important to note that applications with over 135 points can be granted with guaranteed invitation. And that is why how to make a submission and when is crucial, because average selection score changes, and the document preparation of each case directly affect the scores on the application.

GLOBEVISA Canada Immigration

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