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Canada Immigration News- A Proper Police Certificates/ Proof of no Criminal Record

Due diligence and back ground check on immigration programs are crucial, according to general immigration statistics, this is the part where 60% of the applications were rejected or denied by immigration officers. On 27 February 2018, the Canadian Government and immigration department – CIC/ IRCC have updated their requirement on police certificate and proof of no criminal record for permanent residency applications.

 Canada Immigration News- A Proper Police Certificates Proof of no Criminal Record, eligibility criteria, permanent residency, immigration application

With the recent update, candidates who are 18 or above and wishes to immigrate to Canada must include a police certificates as part of the application for permanent residence. For every country candidates stayed for over 6 months in a row, a policy certificate must be provided.


How long is a Police Certificates/ Proof of no Criminal Record valid for?

One- Year. If the provided certificates were expired within the application time-frame, an updated certificate must be provided to the immigration office.


At which stage of the application a Police Certificates is needed?

At the federal stage where candidates are applying for permanent residency. In other words, after provincial nomination is granted.


Previous Resided Country Proof of no Criminal Record

The police certificate of the previous resided countries must be obtained after the applicants left the country. And these documents have to be provided within its validity.

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