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Third October Selection Results on New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program
  • Posted 01 Nov ,2018

The results of the latest selection for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category is released on 31st October 2018. The program is for skilled workers whose occupation is under the required long-term shortage occupation list.




A total of 560 applicants were selected out of 1,258 applicants. The total number of applicants has decreased this time, making there a decrease of 31 people selected comparing to the previous time. The New Zealand Government still only selects candidates who have scored 160 points or above, in Express Of Interest (EOI).




Let's take a look on some statistic of this selection results:


1)  If we read this chart in the vertical comparison (Job Offers)

1. Among the applicants who got selected with job offers – There are 466 of them applied onshore, and 42 of them applied offshore.

2. Among the applicants who got selected with no job offers – 49 of them applied outside New Zealand with only 3 of them applied within New Zealand.


2)  If we read this chart in the horizontal comparison (Offshore/Onshore Application)

1. Applying outside New Zealand with no job offers leads to a slightly better chance.

2. Applying within New Zealand with job offers is the mainstream.



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How can applicants apply for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program with no job offers?

You are eligible to apply for this program as long as you score 160 points or more in Express Of Interest (EOI).

The scoring system is on your age, education, work experience, and occupation (fulfilling long-term occupation shortage list). NO points can be gained on New Zealand employers, including the company size, turnover, establishment time, statements, and employee status.




There are applications from different continents. Among all the countries who have submitted EOI from, India and China remain the top and second. Also, the portion of South Africa applicants have been increased to 12%.


Under New Policies:


The minimum hourly wage for skilled immigrants on 15th January, 2018 was adjusted from 23.49 NZD to 24.29 NZD.

The latest long-term shortage of occupations was officially launched on 19th February, 2018. Unfortunately, 5 occupations were deleted! New certification standards also apply on IT industry.


Since the new policies only started recently, the selection requirements are relatively easier. If you are interested in this amazing country New Zealand and fulfilled EOI 160 point requirement, make sure you treasure this chance by applying as soon as possible for getting a higher success rate!



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