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Recent changes in EB-1A & NIW program: October 2018
  • Posted 24 Oct ,2018

Recently, there are changes in US immigration policy which has affected the conditions and cycles of the EB-1A and NIW programs. There are 3 adjustments in USA EB-1A Extraordinary Ability(EB-1A) program and USA EB-2 National Interest Wavier(NIW) programs.



1. Lawyer is no longer a restricted job to apply EB-1A

There is no job requirement or restrictions on any job to apply EB-1A and NIW programs. People working in any occupation can apply. Moreover, the lawyer can apply as legal researcher, if applicant meet the application conditions. Doctor can apply as a medical researcher too.


2. NIW requires the applicant to work in the same field as the major in which he/she is studying

To ensure the success rate of the case, especially for applicant in management major, the review of US immigration application is becoming more and more strict.


3. From 1st October, 2018, the filling fee EB-1A is adjusted to USD1,410




Applicant can take a reference on the new information about these two programs. Catch the chance and prepare as early as possible. Do not hesitate to join our immigration program before the government reduce the quota of immigration.




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