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Quebec new CAQ Government immigration policies interpretation
  • Posted 01 Oct ,2018


The Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ Leader François Legault) has won a majority government on 1 Oct, 2018. Here are some of the major reform on Immigration policies the parties had proposed.

Cut Immigration: 

Legault has often equated the CAQ's target of 40,000 to a 20 per cent reduction in immigration levels. In fact, Quebec accepted 52,388 people in 2017, so meeting the target would mean the equivalent of a 24 per cent reduction.


Language Requirement for all economic immigrants: 

Under the CAQ plan, newcomers will have to pass a language and values test in order to get a Quebec selection certificate — a requirement to stay. Legault says the change would ensure more immigrants integrate into the workforce.


Living Requirement: 

The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is proposing to decrease the number of immigrants coming to Quebec and put them through language and values testing after three years in the province.


Interpretation: new CAQ new policies


Immigration cut: CBC Journalist: Benjamin Shingler stated: Quebec doesn't have full control over who is allowed to come to the province. Quebec only has jurisdiction over economic immigrants (economic immigrants including skilled workers, business immigrants, provincial and territorial nominees and live-in caregivers), so Legault will need to work with Ottawa to come out with the final decision.


A report released last fall by the Institut du Québec, with 50,000 new immigrants annually, would be "insufficient" to maintain the current labour pool, the report said.


Another study released this week by the Business Development Bank of Canada found that 37 per cent of Quebec entrepreneurs had difficulty hiring new employees in the past 12 months.


Globevisa Interpretation: It is hard to implement these reduction policies since Quebec's workforce demand remains unpredictably high from the labour report. There might be a significant decrease to around 40,000 as stated in the new policies for 2019. For the long-term labor market demand trend, Quebec will open more occupation-in-demand quotas to attract more top talent from the world.


Language Requirement: "We do not want to keep too many people who do not accept our language, our values and to participate in the workforce," Legault said when he announced the plan earlier this year.


CAQ says it would expel immigrants who fail to learn French in 3 years. 

Failing those tests would see an individual lose their selection certificate and leave them open to deportation by the federal government after the province flags the individual as being in the province illegally. Is it legal under Canadian law?


Globevisa Interpretation: There are a lot of contradictions between Federal & Quebec immigration laws. Globevisa's opinion: Although speaking/understanding French is compulsory, if you can pass the TEFaQ exam with a score of B2, you will usually be exempted from the interview. The language requirement for Quebec nomination still remains fairly easy, but it will definitely become tougher later on.


Living Requirement: Newcomers who fail the proposed French and values tests after three years, could be impacted.


Those who fail would see their selection certificates revoked, leaving the federal government free to remove them from the country.


Globevisa Interpretation: Three years living requirement will become the new law for every new immigrant to Quebec or Canada. For every Quebec immigrant, their intention to live in Quebec is a must according to CAQ new policies. CAQ will implement laws and rules to make sure you stay within the province for three years.


Developments such as PEI PNP Entrepreneur shutting down permanently this September, or Quebec's immigration policies getting stricter – these are just warnings that the traditional immigration countries are leaning towards attracting only high-quality labor talent. It is the best to start your immigration plan as soon as possible to avoid any policies changes.

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