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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: Application Period Extended
  • Posted 14 Jan ,2019


On January 8th, 2019 local time, the Quebec Immigration Department adjusted the application period of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program 2018, extending it to August 31st from March 15th this year. However, after March 15th, some additional requirements for applicants will be added. In other words, applicants who have already had the quotas given by the fund company can prepare documents normally and submit them for application before March 15th, but others who have not shall prepare documents only after obtaining a quota and must meet the latest requirements.


Therefore, only 40% of applications can be submitted between March 15th and August 31st, and 60% of applications still need to be submitted by March 15th.


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An Analysis on the Reasons for the Postponement


There are two major reasons why the deadline was postponed.


Primarily, policy change is an important factor. In August 2018, an official announcement of increasing application fee was made; and in October 2018, CAQ party was selected as the ruling party of Quebec. Although the start time was September 10th, 2018, applications were officially accepted after the CAQ took office. As a result, if the application period still ends on March 15th, 2019, the actual opening time will be short.


In addition to policy change, the availability of quotas is also a significant aspect. Many immigration companies did not start preparing in early 2018, when some predictions of policy change started to appear, but only started after August. Therefore, there were still application quotas left.


Given those reasons, the deadline was postponed to August 31st, 2019.



Important Points to be Noted


Firstly, according to the fund company, there are not many quotas left, though they have not yet run out of it.


Secondly, due to the instability of global economy, the distribution of quotas will be slow.


Thirdly, the meeting indicates that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program of 2018 will be the end of the current policy. The immigration policies implemented now were decided by last ruling party. However, the current ruling party – CAQ is determined to make some adjustments. In this regard, the Quebec government will set up a special team and do research and have discussion on whether they should reduce quotas, add a transition period for French proficiency test and add a deposit submission or not. In short, great changes will take place on Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, and in the future, obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident Card will be more difficult.



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