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Offshore Company Registration: What are the different and common features?
  • Posted 20 Dec ,2018


Offshore company, a company which engages in offshoring business processes. There are some common offshore districts that are popular for company registration, Cayman Island, BVI, Marshall, Seychelles and Labuan. They share some common features of being offshore districts while having significant differences from each other.



For common features, they are all tax-free on offshore operating and imply no foreign exchange control. From the aspect of shareholders and directors, they can belong to any nationalities and their information are in high privacy as well. Financially, there is no need to submit the financial report to the government and shares are free to be transferred.


Cayman Island

Cayman Island is praised for its merit but yet with the highest requirement on capital. It is the 4th largest offshore financial center and British colony. Usually, companies would register at here for listing and they can apply for 20-years Tax Exemption Certificate. However, they review documents strictly that copied documents should be exactly the same as original copy. The minimum capital required is around USD 4,000.


BVI company

BVI company registry tends to be an all-around option. Company registered there could be later on eligible for company listing, foreign investing and intermediary trade. Documents authentication are not needed as well. As the minimum capital requirement is only USD 2,200, it's in a great demand recently.



Marshall is usually the first to mention when you are planning to have business with companies in United States or Taiwan. Plus, it's in top priority when talking about US listing. Nevertheless, review on documents copies is relatively strict and require to be processed by experts. Capital required is around USD 2,400.



With the lowest capital requirement (around USD 2,000), it is one of the members of Commonwealth of Nations even though it is located in Africa. Documents copies are processed by expertise and should be the same as original copies.



Labuan is a bit different from the others. It allows onshore and offshore companies operation. For onshore operation, the profit tax rate is 24% and with high privacy on tax information. For offshore operation, trading oriented companies could choose to pay profit tax by either 3% of total profit with accounting and auditing, or MYR 20,000 without accounting or auditing. Again, there is high privacy on tax information. For non-trading-oriented companies, profit tax is 0 and without accounting or auditing needed.


Globevisa provides all the above company registration services. It is suggested to choose the locations based on your demand and requirements.


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