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New immigration policy has been launched in Grenada, after Thomas Anthony is appointed as the Chair of Grenada CIU
  • Posted 29 Nov ,2018


According to the announcement from Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), Kaisha Ince has stepped down as Chair of Grenada CIU, a position that she had been working for more than 2 years. Instead, Thomas Anthony, former deputy CEO and interim CEO of the Antigua & Barbuda CIU, is appointed as the new Chairperson.


Thomas Anthony stated that he is going to bring a new image to Grenada immigration and soon new Grenada immigration policy has been launched.

20181205_Grenada Investment Program policy changed_CEO replaced 

1. Unmarried and childless siblings of applicant, unmarried and childless siblings of applicant's spouse can be regarded as subsidiary applicants. They can apply for investment program.

2. Economic dependent to client or client's spouse will no longer be required for parents of the client or parents of the client's spouse. (In other words, parents can be entourage if due diligence can prove that parents are economic independent)

3. Children of client or children of client's spouse will no Longer be required to be a university student. (In other words, sons and daughters who are under 30 years old, unmarried, unemployed and economic dependent can now be entourage for applying)


It is believed that new changes and faster processing time needed encourage foreigners to apply for Grenada investment program by lowering the requirements. It is encouraged to apply as soon as possible before the requirements raise up.


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