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New Policy for Immigration after Canada Higher Education
  • Posted 14 Aug ,2018

Canada higher education study program is a popular program when applicant’s not eligible for Canada immigration programs for skilled worker, investor and entrepreneur. Some immigration programs are available for applicants with the experience of living and studying in Canada. One of the post-education immigration program is designed especially for international students who have finished 2-year of post-secondary education in Québec Province.

16 August New Policy for Immigration after Canada Higher Education SEO ART

Québec experience program (PEQ) is the one of the best choices to immigrate to Canada after graduating in Québec. Candidates can apply for one-stop Canadian Permanent Residency with 2-year studying and living experience in Québec, when they pass the French B2 test (since French is the first language of majority of Québecer).


A new policy is announced on 8th August, 2018 that:

Apart from Québec graduates, the skilled foreign temporary workers are also eligible to apply for PEQ.


In other word, for married couples who want to immigrate to Canada but not able to apply for any immigration programs, one of them can go to study in Québec Province in Canada. His/her spouse will be entitled an open work visa with the same time period of the education. During the time in Québec, they can both study and learn French language. Both of them (and their children, if any) will all become Canadian Permanent Residents when EITHER one of them passed the French B2 test.


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Immigration programs suitable after graduating from Canada (any province available / cannot pass French B2 test):

1.     International Student Immigration

The applicant needs to have a minimum 1 year of post-secondary education in Canada and apply within 2 years after graduation with a job offer.


2.     Canada Experience Class

The applicant needs to have at least 1 in recent 3 years of working experience in Canada and meets the required score in comprehensive ranking system.



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Posted on 15th August, 2018

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