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Latest update and selection result of Canada SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (Entrepreneur Category)
  • Posted 25 Sep ,2018

The selection result for Canada SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (Entrepreneur Category) has been released on 19th September 2018. In this selection, the highest selected EOI (Express of Interest) score was 135 points and the lowest of that was 110 points. The average score was 115 points.


canada sinp eoi


We can tell from previous experience that this September selection was done in order to increase the number of selected applicants. There were only selections taken place in July and October from the earlier official announcement. However, the number of selected applicants was less than 250 people in the round of selection in July. Therefore, the Saskatchewan Government has added this September selection and postponed the coming October selection to November.



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Since this September selection was a new decision, the number of applications in the selection pool was not accumulated much. The less the number of applicants in the pool, the more the selection score is required. The lowest point for EOI pool selection has reached its HIGHEST point – 110 points!




From this result table, not only we can see that the lowest-point has been increased, the total selection number has been decreased as well. For an outlook of these statistics, the required EOI score may have a great chance to be increased!


Our company's signing requirement will also be increased to 120 points for EOI profile, to ensure the success rate for both the company and our clients!



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