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In-depth analysis on report of International Students in Canada 2018
  • Posted 11 Dec ,2018


According to the report on 'International Students in Canada 2018' by the Canada's Performance and Potential in International Education, there were 494,525 international students in Canada at all levels of study in 2017. Comparing with 2016, an increase of 20% on the number of international students is recorded. 

Between 2010-2017, there is a 119% increase. It is believed that the government plan of having at least 450,000 international students in Canada before 2022 has already been achieved 5 years earlier than expected. Besides, Canada is the 4th country with the greatest number of international students, ahead of Australia and France, while United States, United Kingdom and China being top 3.





By cities, for those 494,525 students, 48% of them are in Ontario, 24% in BC and 12% in Quebec.

By their origins, 28% and 25% of them are from China and India respectively. While both have the largest number of international students in Canada, the numbers from India started to grow over China's since last year.

Regarding the fastest-growing countries, the highest is Vietnam with 89%, second is India with 63% and 45% in Iran. Overall, we could conclude that Indian students already took a large percentage of share in numbers of international students in Canada and is still growing rapidly.



95% of international students recommend Canada as a study destination. 51% of international students plan to apply for permanent residence in Canada.


General Benefits of Canada education that attracts international students:

1. The quality of Canadian education system

Canada education quality is similar to United States but with a cheaper cost. For instance, University of Toronto, the top-ranked university in Canada, ranked 15 in global ranking, 24th for University of Waterloo, 35 for University of British Columbia.

2. Canada's reputation as a tolerant, non-discriminatory society and a safe country

As an immigration country, the acceptance to international students is high and a lot safer. According to a survey, 45.7% of students would consider other countries before Canada but eventually choosing Canada as their destination.

To sum up, as 51% of international students plan to apply to be Canada permanent resident after studying there, it is highly recommended as an immigration method if you plan to stay in Canada in the future.


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