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Everything you need to know when immigrating to United Kingdom and what you need to prepare when applying for visa/programs
  • Posted 27 Sep ,2018


Did you know that you can migrate to UK under these 2 programs?

Immigration by Investment and Entrepreneur Immigration.



Globevisa Group can help you immigrate to UK or any other chosen countries. We specialised in residency and citizenship planning. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, our business ranges from immigration, overseas education program, asset management to tax planning. Globevisa Group keep on expanding and adding more programs constantly! 


Are you curious and excited to immigrate to UK but not fully sure what to expect and what process you'll have to go through? As well as what programs/visa is suitable for you or your family?


Please proceed reading for more detailed informations of United Kingdom programs for your regards.





Part 1. Immigration by Investment

            - United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor

            - UK Investor Visa Renewal & Follow up Service


Part 2. Entrepreneur Immigration

           - UK Representative of Overseas Business Visa



Do you know what type of visas suits you the best? If you still are not sure; keep reading and you can also visit our official website and talk to our consultant, we offer FREE consultation to all of our clients; to provide not only a better service but to be part of your journey on immigrating to another country.


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Part 1. 2 Types of Immigration to UK by Investment


1.1 United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor

The process will take 4 to 6 months. The asset criteria for this program is GBP 2,000,000.


Eligibility Criteria:

All applicant(s) should be 18 years old and above and have no criminal record when applying for this program. You also need to provide a proof of your medical examination report on tuberculosis. Applicant(s) must own circulating fund of GBP 2,000,000 worth and invest this amount GBP 2,000,000 to England. You must be able to prove this money belongs to you or your spouse or if you are unmarried or same sec partner.  Your funds are transferable and can be held in one or more financial institutions and this money is at your disposal and you can spend it in UK.


Why choose United Kingdom Tier 1 Investor Program?

You can obtain resident visa if you invest GBP 2 million for 5 years / GBP 5 million for 5 years / GBP 10 million for 2 years. Most of our clients would choose the 5 years long term investment for GBP 2 million and you need to live in UK for over 183 days within 1 year during the 5 years term. In order for you to get the PR you need to pass the UK knowledge test and language testing. It is consider a low cost and flexible immigration investment options to Europe. As the economy is fairly stable in UK. You can also enjoy free and first class medical services and education.


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1.2 United Kingdom Investor Visa Renewal & Follow up Service

The process will take 2-3 months. There's no asset criteria for this program.


Eligibility Criteria:

All applicant(s) who have submitted Tier 1 Investor application might need to meet any of these THREE opinions in order to apply for this program; holds a biometric residence permit (BRP) through Investor stream; OR Tier 1 Investor who plans to obtain UK permanent residency or citizen status; OR for those applicant(s) who wish to apply visa for accompanying their family member(s).


Why choose United Kingdom Investor Visa Renewal & Follow up Program?

If you choose this program/visa; what you can obtain is a settlement after acquiring visa. This is also a smooth transaction from BRP to T1 visa and you can apply for the UK permanent residency.


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Part 2.  Entrepreneur Immigration

2.1 United Kingdom Representative of Overseas Business Visa

The process will take 4 months. There's no asset criteria for this program.


Eligibility Criteria:

All applicant(s) must be hired by a company that is allowing you to be the representative to establish a branch in United Kingdom; but you must be a company’s shareholder and be in an senior management for at least 1 year.  All applicant(s) must fulfil and pass the IELTS life skill examination and provide your medical examination that confirms that you do not have tuberculosis. As well as providing proof that you do not have any criminal record.


The mother parent company must be established for 1 year or above. The previous year turnover is at least GBP 560,000 with more than 10 employees.

Why choose United Kingdom Representative of Overseas Business Visa Program?

Because if you choose this program/visa; there's no investment required and it will be a fast review for your application that will only takes around 3 weeks to review. You can also enjoy the benefits of United Kingdom citizens and enjoy the high quality or life and education.


GLOBEVISA GROUP provides legal service by royal lawyers from Queen's/King's Counsel of UK with OISC high level qualification. We can also help you obtain your fast-pass green channel for your visa application and approval.


Feel free to visit our branch in UK:
Address: Level 33, 25 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London
E14 5LB, United Kingdom


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Globevisa Group made it easier for you! We offer FREE consultation and FREE online assessment! We can evaluate your profile and help you apply! 


Everyone has a reason on why they want to move to a new country. It could be because for a better life, job opportunities, better future, retirement and so on. But beforehand these are the things you need to know before immigrating to United Kingdom or any of your other chosen countries.


Benefits of Living in United Kingdom


1. United Kingdom Weather changes

Winter time usually lasts from December to February. The normal temperature for winter season is around 6 to 7 celsius which is the coldest months in UK. Because it mostly leaves frosts on your car and on the roads and sometimes snow falls. Sometimes, winter season begins mid November. During winter, the weather in UK is usually very wet and windy. So, you better make sure you are dressed up warmly and use waterproof or windproof jacket or other things. Also, the daylight during winter season only lasts 8 to 9 hours.


Spring season temperature is from 9 to 16 degree celsius. Spring season may be warm in UK but it can still be quite wet and windy. But the daylight lasts for 11 to 15 hours compared to winter season.


For summer season, it is from June to August. The minimum temperature is around 18 to 21 degree celsius. UK summer time is hot and dry but then again it does rain but sometimes the weather temperature reach 30 degree celsius. So, this is the perfect weather for UK citizens to take this chance and go the beach, go to the parks and enjoy the hot temperature weather. Also, the daylight during summer last longer; 15 to 16 hours. Autumn season is from September to November between 9 to 17 celsius.


2. United Kingdom Economy

The economy in UK is strong and stable economy. Most people tend to migrate to United Kingdom because of security and especially because of the stable economy. UK is also one of the biggest and most powerful nations in the world. That they made sure that there's enough opportunities for everyone not just the citizens but as well as the immigrants to make a life for themselves here in the UK.


Also, UK has a great financial opportunities for everyone. Such as having 2 jobs / work double shifts to get more income.


3. Healthcare

The healthcare institutions in United Kingdom are free. They provide free medical services. So, this is actually a great opportunity because all the services and equipments are provided to you when there’s emergency or when you need medical care and it is guaranteed that you will be taken care in UK as they have the largest emergency system in the world.


According to the news; dated on March 7, 2018, Quoted: “In Britain, there's a state-funded system called the National Health Service, or NHS, which guarantees care for all. That means everything from ambulance rides and emergency room visits to long hospital stays, complex surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — are all free. They're paid for with payroll taxes.”


Reference from:


4. Education

In UK they offer a free education for their kids. There are numbers of world renowned schools where they can receive free learning as well as Universities. But in UK, kids from about 5 years old and above have to legally attend schools; primary and secondary.



5. Living in UK

In UK, they have an excellent public transportation system. You can take the trains that is known as the tube or take buses or cars. Bus transportation fare is very reasonable and affordable but cab can be a little bit more expensive. There's also lots of culture in UK; theatres, museums etc. Living in UK is also safe as everywhere or most places you go to have CCTV cameras.




What Globevisa Group can offer?

Globevisa Group has been recognised everywhere and received few certificates/international awards because of our excellent service. We also have branches all over the world. Globevisa Group offers a free consultation regarding your application(s) and our consultants can contact you, if you wish to speak and ask questions. As well as explaining to you, if you are eligible or not and provide you an alternate solutions and the requirements that you will need to prepare.


Globevisa Group provides a professional service with a high quality experience for our clients and has over 20 years experience. So, we can assure you that we can process your application properly and provide you or your family a professional guidance. As we provide after services. So, we will be with you every step of the way.


Globevisa Group offers over a 100 programs for all of our clients. With a 95% success rate. Because of this success and positive feedbacks from our clients all over the world. We were able to expand and set up 14 registered offices and 35 branches and round the world; Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Philippines, Cyprus, South Korea and India.


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