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Canada launched the new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  • Posted 11 Feb ,2019


On January 24th, Canada launched the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program, a pilot program for immigration to remote in northern area.


It is said that the new program was inspired by the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). These two pilot programs both aim to attract more immigrants to fill their labor shortages, because the participating provinces are considered to have a small population.


At present, no information of how the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program exactly works is given. However, details of community's application for joining the program demonstrated on the official website shows the necessity of community endorsement. Therefore, it can be inferred that the application requirements and procedures of this program may be similar to those of AIPP. In other words, the applicants need to meet certain requirements of language proficiency as well as professional skill, and they should also get job offers from companies of the participating communities. What's more, as this is a federal program instead of provincial nominee program, the overall processing time will be shorter.


The application of community will be closed on March 1st, 2019. No more details of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program are expected to be released in the short term.


The eligibility requirements of community are as follows:



Among them, there are two important points should be emphasized:


Firstly, only the communities with a population of 50,000 or less and located at least 75 km away from the core of a Census Metropolitan Area, or those whose population is smaller than 200,000 and considered remote from other larger cities can apply;


Secondly, only the communities of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Yukon are under consideration.


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