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Canada Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) will be reopening in January 2019
  • Posted 19 Dec ,2018

Family reunification is always a top immigration priority for the government of Canada. In 2018, the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) was opened for ONLY one month with a lottery system and a quota of 17,000. With the continuously high popularity of the program, 2019 intake system of PGP will be released, and the quota will be increased by 3,000, up to 20,000.


Followings are some FAQs about this program (PGP) in 2019:


1. Who should apply for the program?

For applicants whose children/grandchildren are living in Canada with Canada Citizenship or Canada Permanent Residency and be willing to reunite.


2. When will the program reopen in 2019 and how are they going to pick applicants from the pool?

It will reopen during January 2019 while government of Canada is moving away from a lottery system process to a First-come, First served approach.


3. How long is the guarantee period for the PGP?

The guarantee period is 20 years after applicants' permanent residency are approved.


4. Can I guarantee only one of my parents to come first?

No, this PGP counts every case as a whole family. Unless for certain family issues such as divorce, both parents should be in the same application.


5. What if the guarantor works outside of Canada, is he/she still eligible to be the guarantor?

Canada government measures the guarantor's income proof by Notice of Assessment (NOA). Therefore, it does not matter where the guarantor works at as long as he/she pays taxes legally.


6. Who can be included in the PGP?

Guarantor's own parents (TWO), grandparents (TWO), grandparents from mom's side (TWO), total six people are included. Parent-in-law are not included in this situation.


From the previous statistics and experenice, we believe that the quota for 2019 will be ran out within 1 month. As Globevisa, we suggest that applicants to have their full documents ready before it reopens to receive applications due to the limited quota and an extremely high demand.


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