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Announcement of opening of our new office office in Seattle, United States
  • Posted 18 Dec ,2018

To our valued customers: 

We are delighted to announce that Globevisa Group has expanded to open a new office in Seattle, United States on 15th December 2018! 


It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us. We hope to see you soon.


Company's name: Globevisa Seattle Branch

Opening date: 15th December, 2018

Address: 2018 156th Avenue N.E., Ste 257 Building F, Bellevue, WA 98007, United States

Phone: +1 415 866 0437



We are going to make much more effort to give our great services to our customers in the United States. With over 12 years' experience, we have grown significantly and we have services you could benefit from in the United States. Please contact us for more information about our services.

Click here to check out more about the branch!

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