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10 Occupations removed from revised Canada SINP job list
  • Posted 26 Aug ,2018

Canada Saskatchewan Government has revised the ‘In-demand Occupation List’ for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The change was taken place on 22nd August 2018 without notice beforehand.

27 August 10 Occupations removed from revised Canada SINP job list SEO ART

During this revision, 10 occupations were removed from the list (see the below table) and 22 occupations remain. This sudden impact causes effect to candidates who have not yet submitted their Expression of Interest (EOI).

Canada SINP Job List 1

For the updated occupation list, please refer to the Saskatchewan Government official website:


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What can you do if your application has been affected?

1.     Wait for the revisions for ‘In-demand occupation list’

Get yourself well-prepared with better EOI profile and maybe a better IELTS score before the occupation added to the list again! It applies to the candidate who aims at Canada and can only be eligible to apply for SINP.


2.     Apply through Federal Express-Entry Skilled Worker Program

For candidate who can speak fluent English / French, the Express-Entry could be another option for you when you can get IELTS 8 / CLB 10, or above. There is no occupation requirement in Express-Entry, you are eligible to apply as long as you have met the required score (i.e. 450 points).


3.     Seek chance from Australia Skilled Worker Programs

If the candidate is open to location, you can try to evaluate if you are eligible to apply for Australia programs. The removed occupations are in the same industries in the job demanding lists for Australia. Globevisa provides free evaluation service as well.


Tips for applying for skilled worker programs:

If your occupation is in the in-demand job list with required EOI points, apply the program as soon as possible! The occupation lists can be changed rapidly so do not waste the chance of making your immigration dream come true!



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Posted on 28th August, 2018

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