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Event Recap 17/Mar – Immigration to Canada Seminar in Hong Kong

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Febuary Lounge: Path to Canada Online Seminar

Leaflet - Febuary Lounge: Path to Canada Online Seminar

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Febuary Lounge: Path to Canada Online Seminar

Are you Interested / having plans in moving to Canada? There are paths more than typical skilled worker. This time, following celebrations of Valentine’s day and Chinese Lunar New Year, Globevisa Group presents you our February Lounge: Path-to Canada Online Seminar - introducing Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. 

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Clients will gain in-depth understanding in alternative paths to immigrate to Canada, provinces details, requirements, future business developments and residence benefits etc. The online seminar will be conducted in English by Globevisa’s lawyers-in-partner, Will Yue and Nicolas Laurin, who are both professionally qualified and with years of experience. 


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program &  Quebec Immigrant Investor         Program

Date: 26-02-2018 (Monday) Venue: English Online Seminar 

Time: 9am-11am (UTC+08:00 Beijing Time Zone) 

Host: Globevisa, Will Yue, Nicolas Laurin 

Contact No:  +852-35116267 (office hour) +852-63910817 (other) 


Quota/Seats: 30

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